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Full Version: Bug report on PCSX 0.9.7 settings
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Thank you for the continued help. I'm not sure what you mean for me to do exactly, though. Do you want me reinstall the emu away from "my documents" and the "program files"? If so should I just install it on the C: drive? Along with the pcsx folder in the "My documents" folder? And if I do set the UAC off, would all this moving/reinstalling be necessary? I should also let you know that I am able to run both Morrowind and Oblivion with mods successfully. I've also had to setup the emu a couple times as if I've just installed it. I can't believe I've left that out of my posts. Sorry.
Yes, you could create a folder named C:\Games or C:\Emulators or even use another partition or disk like D: E:...

The point is no one is allowed direct access to the "username" folder (not even the administrator directly). That is good, it's meant to be this way indeed. The problem is this may prevent applications to create things there others than those previewed by design and are seen as from the user.

Turning UAC off may be enough, but the principle should be kept, the Documents folder is not meant to keep executable and installing anything there is not good idea.

Please report if this solves the issue.
I reinstalled everything on the C Drive in a folder titled "Emulations." It did the trick. I didn't have to turn off my UAC. Thank you for the help again. This time I started my game a few times and messed with different things to see if they would save correctly. I also restarted the emu a couple times while doing this as well. So I truly think that the problem is resolved. Thank you.
We are all learning the changes and strangeness in Windows, each discovering benefits we all and is passed ahead.

Good luck and have fun with this great emulator.
Hi! I tried to play Final Fantasy X with pcsx2 but whenever I run the game it says: "CDVD plugin failed to open. Your computer may have insufficient resources, or incompatible hardware/drivers."

I've got Linuz Iso, cdvdGigaherz, P.E.Op.S, CDVDolio etc, but whichever I try I get the same message... I don't know what the problem is... Please help! Thanks!
Do NOT mount the ISO on any virtual device, just select it from the GUI iso selector -> browse and make sure the "Iso" option is chosen (what it is because the error message is characteristic).

Indeed all you need to do is unmounting the image and hit the boot CDVD (fast)
I tried that and it works for me then but the game runs on 200 fps sometimes and the whole game runs mucuh more faster than it should be originally...
make sure the "Disable Frame limiting" is NOT ticked in the GUI Config -> Emulation Settings -> GS window.
It's working thanks for your help!! Smile
every time when i reach (moltov party) mission in mafia pcsx2 crashes with two errors one the cause is pcsx2 and the other one is w32pthreads.v4.dll just like when the super vu broken hope you fix this.

this problem accured in a beta svn-3684
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