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Full Version: MGS3:Subsistance Memory Error?
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hi budds

i am using the latest Beta Version of the PCSX2 and during playing MGS3 Subsistance i am getting this weird error something related to the memory and then suddenly PCSX2 got crashed after this error pls help how can i resolve this issue ?

Just couple of mintues back i have install the 9.6 Version but again i got the same error
Both of the attachments r upload for both version pls help me out buds

wait for ur replies budds
thx to all
Try with pcsx2 v.0.97 latest beta in news section (news forum) and report back.
^^^ thx for the msg, i have reinstall the pcsx2 v.9.6 and the game runs quite well no Memory Error uptill now, but now i am facing new problem the in game video of MGS3 is very slow it not working with the pace it should be, so what graphic plugin should i choose i am using Xfx GTS 250 1gb Pci Express card so please tell me which will the best plugin to run the game

and also using the new beta 9.7. the ingame video for MGS3 have the same slow pace no difference at all
that game is very hard to emulate. you need a veeery good cpu and a decent gpu to be able to run it at a nice speed. just play a bit with the settings and speedhacks.
i am using Q9650, GTS250 1gb and 4gb Ram those r my specs can u suggest me the settings
that cpu is very nice (better than mine on the same clock speed) but still its not enough for that game Tongue you need to OC at around 3.4 i believe for that title to be able to get max fps. as for settings use ps2 native resolution, sse4.1 gsdx, in the first 2 tabs in emulation settings put BOTH clamp modes to NONE, and use speedhacks (tick them 1 by one and find the best combination for speed)