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Full Version: FFXII again ... what now ??
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Hi everyone (forgive my spelling, I'm not english)

I know, again another thread about FFXII and settings issues but man I can't believe I can't do someting !

First, here's my specs (it's a laptop):

Intel Core 2 Duo P7350 2GHz
Ram : 4 Gb
GC : Nvidia Geforce 9600M GS

I'm using the latest beta of PCSX2 (0.9.7 r3113)

The problem is ... fps : in-game it's ok, around 50, but during cutscenes I fall to 30 fps.

Here's the settings of my plugins :

GSdx : Direct3D9 (Hardware), no interlacing, 1024x1024, 1x, logarithmic Z, Alpha correction and texture filtering and the square in texture filtering
Spu2 : haven't changed anything

EmotionEngine and IOP set on recompiler, chop /zero, normal, flush to zero and denormals are zero
Same for VUs : set on microVU Recompiler for both
I've enabled Framelimiting, with Frame skipping disabled, no boxes checked.
No speedhacks nor game fixes

I'm sure I did something wrong, so I'm asking you what do you think of all that. I'd really like to play the game again on my laptop, without having to cry cuz it was nicer on my old buddy of PS2 ...
slow cpu, slow gpu
in avnced options, try setting both clamp modes to none
in gsdx options, set internal res to native

I'm not an Hardware profesionnal, but you spec are not far from mine (EDIT: when I started playing FFX-2), The only different is that I don't play on a laptop. and your plugins configs are for me good^^.

I play another FF (FF X-2 European version) and like, you, FPS are full speed during the game, and slowier during Cutscene. I think that's pretty normal

For what I understood while reading the realeased notes about 0.9.7, Cutscenes are, let say, harder or more complicated to emulate or use a different system in the PS2 itself. It's also written that this part of programming is still in work and is still slowlier thant the rest.

In my point of view, it's normal that you (we) don't have fullspeed in Cutscenes.

If you don't want to wait, look for a patch in the patch thread (loaaaaaads of patches for FF) or make your own, I made it for the European version. It's not so complicated for Cutscene skipping if you follow the guide. I'm not able to make other patches^^, juste followed the patching guide^^.

And another thing, you'll have to cry^^, emulation will never be as good as on the read hardware, perhaps, nearly as good, but never as good^^. I thing there was a thread about emulators vs. real hardware explaining a little bit more about it.

But we should be happy, it's a great progress and a great job to do a so great emulator. I'm following the evolution since 4 years now (just subscribe 3 years after to the forum Blush ), and I can tell you that the evolution is noticeble. For example the first time I used the Emu I wasn't even able to have more than 20 FPS ingame with all speed hacks put to the maximum FFX-2 and less than 5 FPs during cutscenes. 5minutes were nearly 1 hours^^. it's long when you can't passed over a Cutscene.

The last thing I would say, if you want to hve more speed, try different plugins configs, and finally put perhaps some speedhacks (will be a little bit uglier on screen but you'll gaine speed).

Hope it helps a little, and hope that I don't say to much crap^^ about FMVs emulation
FFXII and FFX-2 are different games. FFXII is more demanding than FFX-2. Threadstarted was talking about FFXII.

I would have suggested overclocking but given your playing on a laptop, its not suggested. Use speed hacks and set gsdx to native.
Ok with speehacks but which ones ?
I realised it while I was replying the first time. I saw that it was about FFXII. I was just making a comparison between FF games, games of the same category, but I put the example right in time. FFX-2 came in 2004 out and I tested it on the emu 2-3 years ago. the result was that, at that time, I had the same problem as Soulcage has right now, if we can consider it as a problem (personnaly I don't^^) Ereything is "proportionnal" I would say...

My aim was more to show that FMVs are still work in progress.I just get lost in explanations about FFX-2...^^
it's not really that
pcsx2 plays many fmvs in many gams correctly.
FFX-2 still has a bug about this, And I think FFXII too.
Try all of them one at a time. or a combination of several hacks. Tinker on it a bit. You can also try and increase the VU cycle rate.

Not all FMVs have that slowdown problem. Its actually just limited to FFX-2 and several other games that I admit I dont know. Its even used as a CPU benchmarking test and has its own thread in the hardware/software area. On FFXII however, FMVs are supposed to be fine. Well at least I didnt experience any while I was finishing it.
ok, my mistake. But for FF I wasn't so far from correct ^^. I still have other games where fmvs are slow like "Mortal kombat Shaolins Monks" and "Rise to honor" (which is a little bit slow during the game too) but that not the thread and I didn't test MK with the latest beta. I don't have much games.

btw for speedhack try progressively each of them, perhaps try a frameskipping. That's wath I would do, because (as far as my experiments brought me: 5 game tested) each game reacts a bit differently to speed hacks. But I don't think that it will improve so much the FMVs FPS (wait for a pro answer^^)
Well, my main worry was about hardware, all my want to know is if I'll be able to run the game almost normally with my laptop
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