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Full Version: FFXII and Barheim Passage
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Hi all.

I'm looking for Pcsx2(PG) Playground because I've got some artifact problems in Barheim Passage and I heard that Playground can help me .

Screen :
[Image: nd8y1k.png]
[Image: zvv5mt.png]

I have pcsx2-r3113 (0.97) with these settings :

[Image: 25ga2x2.jpg]
[Image: 2e35udc.jpg]
[Image: 11sovoz.jpg]
[Image: 1romlu.jpg]
[Image: 2epn9qb.jpg]

Plug-ins :

[Image: 96jjvo.jpg]

I tried disable speed-hacks but still the same problem ;/
Try to update your drivers. I'm far beyond that part of the game and I haven't seen anything just similar like you.
use normal in both clamps and DONT use speedhacks.... very simple
No Playground won't help you, it is ancient and has tons of bugs. Also not supported.
You set clamps to none, that's what you get for using speed settings over compatible settings. Set them to AT LEAST normal.
Thx guys I just needed to change clamp mode to Normal Tongue
Now all is working with speedhacks too.

And last question
Are my settings good ? Or I must change something ?
instead of using that d3d internal res better put the scaler to x4 more compatible same quality