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Full Version: Pls Suggest...
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I need your help in suggesting me games that can best be played with pcxs2 in my current laptop settings.

toshiba dual-core 2.3ghz
256 on-board VGA
1gig DDR3
320g HD

games already played:
Metal Slug

Mostly 2D games, I'm affraid.
Your GPU is just crap, and your cpu's abit weak.
Check this thread for games that your laptop could run. http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-LIST-Game...to-emulate
i know sir, i'm not into high end games at teh moment.
if possible, i need your suggestions of what title are these 2-d games that would run..

TIA sirs
have a look at enigmatik's answer. it's the best anyone could give you