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Full Version: sound plugins
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is there any sound plugins other than spu2 and zerospu,which might work well in tekken 5 and soul calibur 3 ?
tried peop's plugin ?
can u provide link to it and other sound plugins, if any ?
get this : http://forums.pcsx2.net/attachment.php?aid=18429
extract it, and just copy the "spu2peopssound.dll" found in the "plugins" folder into your plugins folder
thnx, will try it.
sound is ok now and game speed better than spu2.
its very difficult to navigate through ingame menus of soul calibur3[ speedhacks all on]
also is there any way to brigten pcsx2 more to play soul calibur3 as its very dark?
Quote:[ speedhacks all on]
what a bad idea.
just enable speedhacks 1 by 1 and see what they do.
enable only the ones you need, or you could break your game.
by disabling mvu hack the provlems are solved but speed is too low.
is there a way to solve the problems even after enabling the mvu hacks?
No, hacks usually break games and give you speed. Since the game has problems with the hacks you either live with them or don't use the hacks
what are your pc specs, exactly ?
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