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Full Version: Black looks working!
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I was waiting for this time for so long time, and now it's time! Black is working! In 0.9.6 - nothing, but in 0.9.7 it's near being playable! Now we just have to wait for new beta!

I have some screens!
nice... but next time post it here please Smile http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Post-your...ideos-here
I know it.. But I want to tell you how wonderfull progress in emulator we have. And I think it's good way to talk about settings and working plugins with this game Wink

And sorry for my english Wink
Black sure IS playable now...


Eee.. how did you do that?
Tell mi your's configurations pls.
(06-08-2010, 03:43 PM)sorek Wrote: [ -> ]Eee.. how did you do that?
Tell mi your's configurations pls.

VU0/VU1 Clamp mode=Extra+Preserve Sign
GSDX, skipdraw=7 or 8

Others setting mostly default
How can I configure skipdraw? I have only text" skipdraw:" and nothing else..
you have to edit the INI
Would you kindly tell me how?
go to the INI folder and open it with notepad (gsdx.ini)
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