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Full Version: frameskipping won't work
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pcsx2 0.97 beta won't skip frames no matter what the settings are. The earlier betas did it properly. Am I doing sth wrong?
Shift+F4 should activate frameskip, if the screen freezes just press them a few times again until it works correctly.
Tnx Shadow Lady! I thought it was a pcsx2 bug as it's not indicated how to activate this option...
Technically the frameskipping in 0.9.7 is vastly more reliable than in any previous version of PCSX2. The drawback is that we haven't yet figured out a way to detect the "primary flip" page for games that use double-buffered rendering. Explained:

What happens is that a lot of games render both sides of a 60fps interlaced image together, display the first image, and then simply do a flip to the second image afterward. If frameskipping "skips" the first frame, both frames will be empty -- thus nothing gets drawn and the game either appears frozen or black (depending on game). If PCSX2's frameskipping skips the second frame, then the game will look correct and skip some work and, thus, run a little bit faster.

So that's why you need to hit Shift-F4 a couple times when the visuals get stuck, until yo "luck out" and catch the right frame for skipping.