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Full Version: Kingdom hearts re:CoM freezing
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I recently tried to play kingdom hearts re: chain of memories on pcsx2 and the game works fine until randomly it will freeze. It's not like normal freezing though, as frames still roll. It just keeps looping the same animation and never ends.

Is there some setting that will fix this?
Or should I abandon hope and play the GBA version? (which is not as good)
It has SPU2 bugs with most plugins. Try using PEOPS SPU2, could work.
Isn't the SPU2 for the sound though? o.O

I'll try it though. thanks for the info (:
also, is there any way in pcsx2 to save settings for certain games, so I wouldn't have to continuously change settings when I change games?

Edit: I now think you're right after trying it. thank you VERY much (: I was wondering why the game didn't have music in some parts Tongue