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Full Version: God of war 2
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Im using 0.9.7 and im pretty sure iv configured all the plugins correctly but when i get to the save point it just freezes with the logo in the background and i can not save to the memory card. Any reason for this?
Use the default settings and no speed hacks.
When you say no speed hacks do u mean no speed hacks starting from the start or do you mean turn them off just before i save the game?

Default settings in what section of pcsx2 where u implying.
I mean from the start. In all sections, the defaults are noted in bold or if you're on XP with a green color. Still you can press restore defaults to restore them anyway.
Is there any other way to speed up the game without using speed hacks? Because it only plays at 33% without any speed hacks on and the sound is faster than the actual game.
About the speed,it depends on your system specs + PCSX 2 configuration.
When the sound is faster than the actual gameplay I can only think of two things:
1- The EE cycle rate (Which according to you should be set to 1/disabled)
2- In the audio plugin's:
a- ZeroSPU2: Enable the first two options.
b- SPU2-X : Synchronizing mode = TimeStretch.

Hope I helped!
ill try that thanks
After turning the speed hacks off and using SPU2-X : Synchronizing mode = TimeStretch. Im getting EE:100% but its still playing at under the normal speed? im getting an average of 30fps and GS is around 21%.

EDIT: I playd it without any speed hacks enabled (by unticking the Speed hacks enabled box) and i tried to save it but same thing. Just freezes i guess with the logo in the background