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Full Version: Using codes (GS, AR, ...) on
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It says that the patchs menu is not integrated yet, does this also mean that you can't use patch files? Or just that that part of the menu isn't integrated yet but you can still use custom patch files?

(I'd like to play FFX with 100% steal rate Smile )

use the cheats menu (and cheats folder also)
I can't really find a 'cheat menu'.. the only reference to cheats is under the System Tab called 'Enable Cheat', which will probably enable cheat files in the cheats folder (?)

Now i searched for the cheats folder, but I couldn't find it.. I searched in the installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSX2 0.9.7\), but the only files I found there were:

<DIR> Docs
DIR> inis
<DIR> Plugins

And none of those have sub folders.

add a "cheats" folder to the ROOT PCSX2 folder and put patches in there like you would pre-0.9.7 and click "enable cheats" on 0.9.7
Thank you both for your help.