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Full Version: Configuration help needed
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Hi guys

First of all im totaly new to the whole emulation thing so please, be patient.
I cant configure epsx to play mgs3 subsistence properly, the sound is crappy and i have like 20 fps - not playable. My system specs are :
-Geforce 8600Gt (512)
-Core2Quad q6600 @ 2.40ghz
-Windows Vista 32
-2 GB DDR2
Can someone please tell me which plugins and bios should i download and what my settings should be?
Thx for the help
1 - the bios you need to "download" is the one coming from your PS2. read the guide to know how to do so.
2 - mgs3 is a very demanding game, and 2.40 ghz is a bit weak. if you can, overclocking may help you
3 - show us what settings you used so that we could give you some advice (screenshots would be helpful.