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Full Version: Few questions(Persona 3, FFXII, and Tales of the Abyss)
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Finally got my new video card so I've been playing around with PCSX2 again. Everything runs very well and the games look fantastic but there are somethings that I'm curious about.

Persona 3 FES: Is it normal for the tiles on the minimap to look broken?

FFXII: The game runs fantastic with high graphic settings, however I noticed that the game slows down near certain places when I use EE x2 Cycle Rate, though the FPS doesn't drop. Again, is this normal?

Side FFXII question: What is the best sound plugin for this game?

Similar question with Tales of the Abyss, except it seems to slowdown without the FPS falling in the world map even with all the speed hacks disabled.

Tested using PCSX2 r1888/0.9.6 with the latest beta plugins.

I forgot to ask about the problem I'm having with 0.9.7 beta. For some reason, when I enable AA using GDSX's latest plugin, my PCSX2 0.9.7 freezes the moment I execute any games, including the bios. Though I'm not sure if this build is supported yet, thought I'd squeeze this one in here in case it is.

My signature didn't show up:

Windows 7 Professional x64
C2D E8500 @4.0ghz
Gigabyte EP45-UD3P
EVGA GTX 460 768mb
OCZ DDR2 4 gb 1066 ram
Antec Earthwatts 500w PSU
- DX9 Anti Aliasing is crashing GSdx. This is a known problem.
- Tales's world map is sluggish. That's the same on a real PS2.
- Best sound plugin for all games is SPU2-X latest version (1.4 right now).
- Any of the Cycle modifying speed hacks cause slow downs in certain scenes. It's normal.
- Upscaling in GSdx often causes small glitches. Use native resolution to fix it.

There you go. Smile
Short and sweet, thanks Rama.