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Full Version: Compressed .iso won't work?
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I presume that compressed images (which was obtained by using "compress ISO" option in Linuz ISO 0.9.0 with both .Z and .BZ parameters) can be used instead of .iso, based on what I've read when using search.

And here's my problem. When using "Samurai Western.iso" (or running straight from the disc), game works. But when I compress that ISO and try to run resulted "Samurai Western.ISO.BZ2" file (there's also a "Samurai Western.ISO.BZ2.table" nearby), I get the
Stream exception: (pxInvokeActionEvent) Root directory not found on ISO image.(thread:EE Core)
    File/Object: IsoFS
error on r3113, and r3596 (yes, I know - no support for those, but I thought this was worth mentioning) just crashes twice (i.e. two sequential generic "pcsx2 has stopped working" messages).
Am I doing something wrong here?
are you trying to use the internal iso loader ?
if so, use linuziso plugin to load your compressed image instead.
Quote:use linuziso plugin
Thank you!
Everything works now!
Consider a NTFS compressed folder if you plan to horde a few images.
It's not as space saving but has a lot of other benefits, including compatibility with common tools Smile
just starting iwant to know how to dump bios idownloaded 1 iso file in 7 zip but when opened tolled me no archive
i want to know how to dumo bios
i want to know how to dump bios
Quote:idownloaded 1 iso file in 7 zip

read the forum rules, next time.
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