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Full Version: Memcard problem
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Ok so here's the deal I am playing 5 games currently:
1)DBZ Infinite World
3)FIFA 09
5)Marvel Ultimate Alliance2
Now when I start Fifa the game says no memory card detected and if it does detect it then in DBZ BT3 it caauses the same problem.......I would have been a maniac by now if my brother didn't use save states atleast that way I am able to Save/Load but still help me and same goes for DBZ Infinite world...........Any solutions will be appreciated
umm well, it seems that you are using bleeding edge svn wich are known to cause issues with the memory card,just use the latest stable release and problem solved
First of all Sorry for late reply,with that said lets continue:

Ok thank you it didn't quite work cuz still in both my dbz games I have to change the memcrads while playing also only fifa causes this problem so am using savestates in it.Anyways thanks for trying to help Smile