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Full Version: Can't figure out the menu?
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Wasen't sure which forum for this, so soz if it's wrong.

Yeah I see on videos everybody still has the PCSX2 menu out even when using a game however for me when I start a game the menu is gone and must close the game and reopen pcsx2 to use it again, I need to have it kept open for technical reasons.

Yeah Im ok with computers I think but this is my retard moment I think Rolleyes
i assume you're using 0.9.6

use 0.9.7 beta

Mean you the PS2 BIOS menu? if it's so the answer is in that (fast) at the boot CD/DVD (fast).
If not, please be more specific about what you miss.

In time: Just occurred to me, if you installed in C:\Program Files (x86) you are lucky if that is the only problem; this is valid for installing native PC games too.
i think he means the main window of pcsx2. if i remember correctly, it disappears in 0.9.6 while you're running a game.

[Image: unbenanntoytg.png]
hmm, I see, he means the GUI. So yes, excellent opportunity to move forth to the new one.
Also in 0.9.6 he could try pressing ESC