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Full Version: Final Fantasy X International cheats (partially) not working
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I'm trying to use some cheats for Final Fantasy X Internation, NTSC-J, 250.88.

My .pnach file looks like this;

PHP Code:
gametitle=Final Fantasy X International [SLPS 25088] (J) [658597E2]

//Nagi Plains Chocobo Race timer won't increase

//Thunder Plains - Thunder Avoided 200 Consecutive Times

//Al Bhed Dialogue Translated

As of now, only the Al Bhed translation cheat is working. I can't get the others to work. What could be the problem?

Thanks in advance.
The format is ok but the codes are not correct. The first two codes don't work and the third one does not give you the primers. Use FFXED instead; it does all those things.