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Full Version: Can't work in any plugin =/
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first, tks for your help =) i'm from Brazil, and this is my first time here ^^ i'm trying about...3 hours now, and can't get work -.-

i use here a AMD Phenom 9150e x4 3.2 4gb ram Nvidia GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 onboard

with plugin video ZeroGS 0.97.1 it's just terrible graphics and with ZZOgl it's going REALLY slow ._. and the rest i just get and error and my pcsx2 closes. ~_~ i try many configurations with the plugins, but can't get anyone work it. >_>

anyone can help me? ^^

tks again.
ow, almost forget huahauh i'm usgin windows 7 64x ^^
better use gsdx.
which error do you get ?
can you post screenshots ?
this is my config on the plugin
[Image: config01.jpg]
[Image: config02.jpg]
and the error is just stop working program =/
[Image: config03.jpg]
don't mount you iso into any external soft (like power iso) and make sure your directx is up to date.
and BTW, why did you say your cpu is 3.2 ghz whereas pcsx2 says it's 1.8 ghz ?
the correct is 1.8, sry xP and i can't use poweriso to make the .iso?? so what can i use?? >_< if i try play direct from dvd, i got lag, right? and my directx is 11 and update yesterday already...
my pc is good enough to play right? it's just config. problem, or i need a better one? .-.
no, you can use power iso to make you iso, but don't use it to mount your ISO, ply it directly in pcsx2.
ok about directx, if you updated it yesterday, it should be latest version.
so, i can use poweriso to make the .iso games, and run in pcsx2? ok, and if my directx 11 is update, what's wrong? >_<
btw, the games i'm trying is Tomb Raider Anniversary and NFS Carbon and getting now FFX and NarutoShip5 just to test, but nothing works ._. i get to play Tomb Raider, but VERY slow and with very bad graphics using ZeroGS
what's the console output when pcsx2 crashes ?
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