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Full Version: Limiter set to normal
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Hi everyone,
This is my first time posting so go easy on me please.

At the top of my emulator there is a bar of stats that contain the fps.
to the left something says limiter normal

whenever my limiter says turbo games run much better. How do I control that?

Tab= turbo

but define "whenever my limiter says turbo games run much better"
This is how I understand it.
The "Turbo" option is to set how fast the game to run when the FPS Limiter is off(not to run as fast as possible)

Limiter Normal - 50/60 FPS
Limiter Turbo - ???% more speed...for example if you can get 250FPS with the limiter off,when you set turbo to 300% and enable it,the speed won't go above 150/180 FPS.