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Full Version: What does the mouse API do?
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So I downloaded the latest beta from pcsx2 and I just noticed while configuring my controller, the mouse API is disable by default, and there's this option that is recommended that isnt not ticked. So what should I do?

And another thing, I just noticed that whenever I press esc key, it doesnt stop/pause my game(the type when you press esc and it shows you the pcsx2 console and main menu). What option should I enable to have it back on?

Im using lilypad(the latest one) plugin.
Mouse API is to be able to assign buttons to the mouse.For example if you play some FPS you can control the character like on PC FPS game with the mouse.

About the other problem...what happen when you press Esc...pcsx2 completely close or?
I don't use the newest beta so I don't know if there is some change.

No, it doesnt do anything(about the esc key). Before I updated, whenever I press esc key, it takes me to the pcsx2 menu(without my game closing). Hmm, what could be the option to have it back?
What are you using to play...keyboard or gamepad?
Hmm I just tried the newest beta(place it over my old beta)and every time when I press Esc,it close the GS window is it shows the gui(that's how it should work)
Try changing the keyboard API to directinput.