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Full Version: I can't play
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I was tring to run G-genration Sprit (ISO)
it said
DVCI: "AFS\AFS0.AFS" found.
DVCI: "AFS\AFS1.AFS" found.
DVCI: "AFS\AFS2.AFS" found.
DVCI: "AFS\AFS3.AFS" found.
DVCI: Total 6 files.
ADXM: UsrVsyncThread Stack pointer = 0x009c1450, size = 4096
ADXM: UsrIdleThread Stack pointer = 0x00a88280, size = 49152
PS2RNA: sceSifAllocIopHeap(299584) ret=0x000a3e00
PS2RNA: sceSifAllocIopHeap(2256) ret=0x000ed100
PS2RNA: sceSifAllocIopHeap(18496) ret=0x000eda00
pcsx2.sh: line 2: 1239 Segmentation fault ./pcsx2

and then, I installed everything of least version and ran again
it said segmentation fault again

does it mean my iso is broken,just this soft can't be played on pcsx2, or is there any other reason ?
plz, does any one could help me?

OS X10.6.3
core i7 2.66ghz
memory 4g
GeForce GT 330M