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Full Version: pretty slow when playing GOW 2 with core quad Q6600
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Hi Everybody,

At the first thing, I want to say thank to any guy who is reading this topic..

Currently, I am using the latest version of pcsx2 0.9.7 from official page. And this is my hardware list:
+ Intel core quad Q6600
+ ATi Radeon 5770 - with DDR 5 - 1GB
+ 4 Gbs Ram

Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

Pcxc2 config:
+ GPU: Choose the first plugin .. it seems ... gsdssxx 3089.. choose Directx 10 (hardware) .. and stick on native to get the best speed

+ Bios: USA - 2004 version

The game can run with 50.0 fps when loading main menu, but after running the first scene (Kratos fights with some enemies and a big statue wanders outside), then game is pretty slow -- approximate 20-24 fps

I wonder that does my computer is not strong enough to run this game or I had config wrong somewhere

Please give me your advice

Thanks in advance

what is your cpu clockspeed ?
Processor: Q6600 2.40 GHz

yep, it's a bit slow for GoW.
Overclocking it to 2.8 ghz may help
I'm assuming you are using speedhacks? Tongue
4 cores aren't useful.So you have 2 cores with 2,4Ghz.No full FPS.Try overcloack a little.And SOME speedhacks.
Thanks you all Smile ... The game is playable with some boost from speedhack ......... Thank you guys in advance

..Btw, admin please help to close this topic, since I had received correct answer ... thanks