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Full Version: final fantasy x frame drop
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i just started playing final fantasy x and most of the time it works fine with 60 fps but after about a minute or so it slows down and becomes glitchy and the returns to normal. It happens at random and not at certain areas of the game.
im playing on a laptop and it has a 2.2 ghz intel dual core processor
3gb ram
geforce 9400m g video card
Try setting the power options/profile in your control panel to high performance.
that helped a bit
and it works full speed for about ten minutes
and after that it slows down to like 10 fps for a few seconds then back to normal.
if i suspend it and resume it it works for a bit longer
any suggestions would be appreciated.
It is probably overheating...which can also be dangerous for your laptop so get some extra cooling for your laptop
thanks for the fast reply.!
that sounds like it might be the problem
ill be sure to get some extra cooling for my laptop.
thank you!Smile