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Full Version: [Bug Report] Onimusha 3: Demon Siege
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# PCSX2 version: Official Beta 3876, Official v0.9.7 release

# CPU options: Tried multiple different settings

# Plugins used: GSdx 3693 (SSE4) 0.1.16, SPU2-X r3702m 1.4.0 r3878, Linuz Iso CDVD .9.0 r3878

# Description: Certain things are "missing." For example, when I try to open a particular door that needs a combination none of the numbers appear. I had to use a guide and go by the clicking noises to open the door.

Another thing that I can't seem to pass; at one point in the game you're supposed to be able to absorb some darkness around a few statues and when I do this there's no change and the darkness doesn't disappear. I've played the game before and am sure this is what I should be doing.
Do you have a memcard save before/close to that point? I don't remember having that problem but could check it.
Yes I do. Do you want me to upload it? How would I do that?

Also I probably should have mentioned I've used DX9 and 10/11
Compress the memcard file as a rar/zip/7z or whatever and then upload it here by clicking the "Add Reply" button at the end of the posts and selecting the compressed file as an attachment.
Er it didn't upload? It said it uploaded now it's not showing up. Or maybe it is >_> I guess I'll find out.
Ah it was too large.
I meant a memory card for the point with the missing numbers, for the darkness on the statues thing you need the anti dark parchment/charm/whatever item first Tongue2
>.< I feel pretty silly then. Thanks for humoring me! I guess it's been a while since I've played haha
I have the same problem, does it happen after this part as well? If so I might have trouble beating the game