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Full Version: Pcsx2 Cpu
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hello everyone.......i have a little problem with my cpu usage....whenever i emulate any ps2 game, my cpu usage goes to around 95-100%...so i just wanted to know that is it harmful??my cpu is intel C2D 2.67Ghz

Usually games will always a lot, if not all of your cpu usage. I think its perfectly fine. I've been using pcsx2 for 4 months now and I don't have any problems.
This is not unusual and its not harmful to your cpu unless you have bad cooling but since you havent overclocked thats unlikly.
I pull every ounce put of my 2.2, it's not hurt in any way shape or form. I run it at 100% all the time. it does not clock lower, I have set it that way
95-100% CPU usage is a good thing. That tells you PCSX2 is able to use your CPU to it's fullest to emulate that game/scene. If the EE% is that much, but you can't get full speed, your CPU speed is most likely too low.

As for being harmful; not at all. As with any hardware, it's made to handle it's maximum capabilities (stock). High temperature is generally the only danger. This is not likely, as GamerGeek said, unless you happen to be talking about a laptop...
As previously mentioned, CPU utilization isn't really detrimental by itself. Mostly, the only concern would be is if the computer overheats.

Another thing, just because you have a desktop doesn't mean it's not a candidate for overheating. I've dealt with several computers from family and friends with a lot of dust build-up that have needed vacuuming. Some of them, the CPU cooler is so full of crud it's a wonder the fan still spins. Yes, air cooling is fairly low maintenance but you still do need to dust out your case every now and then. There are also cases that come with filters that eliminate or at least minimize dust inside the case but the filters themselves need to be cleaned every once in a while.
thanks for the info Guys
(10-24-2010, 01:19 AM)Rezard Wrote: [ -> ]If the EE% is that much [95%-100%], but you can't get full speed, your CPU speed is most likely too low.

not true, a high EE means the EE is too slow for the game, remove any EE speedhacks, build a new pcsx2 with a faster EE, or don't play that particular game (shadow of the colossus is one such game)
Cheers for the info too guys, i was wondering about the 95-100% CPU usage. I didn't think it was an issue but thanks for clarifying.

Is high EE% bad? What does that mean?
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