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Full Version: PCSX2 Blank Field (Problem)
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[Image: t4vksp.jpg]
Ok, I started playing Final Fantasy X but the graphics were pretty choppy.
I googled the problem and it told me to download the gsDx plug-in.
So I did. But when I set the Plug-in directory, the fields went blank.
I tried reinstalling but it didn't work.
I can't run any games now, please help.

It gives me
"Could Not Load PAD1 Plugin 'D\(File Location)\Plugin\LilyPad.dll':<NULL>"
You can click on "Set plugins directory" and locate the folder your plugins are at but I suggest you try the latest beta instead:
Yeah I agree with ShadowLady 0.9.6 is sorta outdated Tongue

Use the latest beta, way better than 0.96.