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Full Version: pcsx2.096 and cpu SSE issues
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hi all i just downloaded pscx2 to play my FFX game with since i dont have a ps2 no more. i have a phenom II 810 which supports SSE 1/2/3/4 from what cpuz says and in pcsx2 the cpu config says my cpu supports 1/2/3.

my issue is whenever i try to use the SSE 3/4 plugins i get an error stating that my cpu does not support SSE 3/4. i has a 5870 for a video card so i theoretically should not be getting this error. anyone know whats going on?
The plugins you're referring to are SSSE3 (three S's), and SSE4. AMD's don't support either instruction set. They support SSE3 and SSE4a (which is different from SSE4, hence the "a"). AMD users can only use SSE2. Until AMD comes out with a new CPU that supports the Intel instruction sets anyways.

I wouldn't worry about it too much though. I've got an Intel processor and have tested the different SSE plugins. I've not really noticed much if any performance difference. They all function pretty much the same.
wow, my bad. i totally didnt see that 3rd s. amd and intel need to get along and learn to share. i figured that the other plugins could give me abit more eyecandy-ness cause after play games like bad company and others of its visual quality ps2 looks a little outdated.
SSSE3 and SSE4 will in no way affect the visual quality of the game. It might give you a few more fps but thats it.
so basically SSE and SSSE are cpu instrustions that make the cpu more effcient... gotcha. i know that im not a total n00b with computers but i am now feeling like one again lol. thanks for the help and the info guys.