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Full Version: Lilypad Capabilities
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I was reading about lilypads keypad emulation abilities and it seemed like it was quite useful and well rounded for the emulator.
However, i was trying to bind combination's of keys, ie w=1 key, shift+w=another key, and i wasnt able to do it with my limited knowledge of the plugin, is it possible?
AFAIK nope u can't bind a combination keys like shift+w to 1 button..
use your ps2 controller and buy a usb converter for it..
mine works perfectly..
don't ever use keyboard to play this emu since then..
Ugh i didnt feel like paying the extra money for the ps2 adapter and im really used to keybinding everything. But i guess lilypad wasnt build for me >.< Ill work around it xD
well in my country the things sells really cheap..
in US i think the price should be around $3 or something..