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Full Version: Unusual low FPS
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Okay, I just got my PC and had to reinstall windows xp but I don't have my 7600 GT right now its an onboard 6100 with 128MB shared, but anyways, whats unusual about the fps is that my laptop runs PCSX2 a little better then my PC for some reason(Laptop specs: Geforce 6100 go 128MB, AMD Anthlon II X2 TK-53 1.7Ghz, 1.5GB ram, Windows 7 Ultimate), the game I'm trying to play is Dot Hack Quarantine, but this confuses me because when my laptop plays it gets about...35FPS in the pic I show (this is a pic while playing on the PC) and EE is at 99% and GS is at 45% BUT, when I play on my PC I get 23FPS in the same area and same camera position as my laptop(PIC) and EE and GS are usually at 40%.

Any idea what could be the problem?
PC specs are in signature but I don't have my 7600 GT right now like I said.
same versions were used on both computers and same settings as well.
Is that Athlon 64 3800 dual-core or single-core?
AMD Athlon II X2 TK-53 is a dual core

Athlon 64 in his siggy is a single core. and thats impossible how come it reaches 22+fps it's just a single core AMD and a 7600 GT??
Like I have said, I'm running on a Geforce 6100 onboard card...but I have gained higher on this computer before but...I don't know why it runs so much better on my laptop that is weaker then my PC.
What does it mean when GS and EE are at 40% most of the time but still get low fps?

And yes my Anthlon 3800+ is single core
Could be too high resolution or your PC being throttled by overheat or some power saving feature or just downright wrong settings.
Would help if you show us your settings and made sure the CPU is running at the right clock speed, maybe set the power profile in control panel to high performance.
Its not overheating, just checked the temps and the clock speed looks fine, and I posted pics of my settings, if you need something I didn't include I'll get it.
Oh, a single core, not sure how the EE/GS % should act there but you seem to be getting about the right speed maybe just a little lower but expected. Athlon II is a much better CPU and a dual core at that too, you forgot all the other settings but from that i'd say try enabling speedhacks at least.
PCSX2 will run like crap on a single core CPU. That is why your laptop performs better.
You get nearly doubled performance on a dual core.

For the final FPS you get, the GPU may be the bottleneck to your already too slow CPU.
Slow CPU and very slow GPU make for some not so nice gameplay Wink
Hm... it could be my GPU since I did use to get 40FPS in KH2, now I only get about 20-30fps.
Alright so I get the dual core is better but now this is very confusing, dolphin runs better on my PC then my laptop and to me that makes no sense, Paper Mario The Thousand Year door runs at about 20-50 on the pc but my laptop runs it at 12-36FPS (same settings were used) but why am I talking about dolphin on here? =P
I was just wondering why dolphin runs good on my pc but crap on my laptop and pcsx2 runs good on my laptop but runs bad on my pc.
That can be settings related. Did you check the dual core option in Dolphin?
Also the benefits of going dual core are topped out in PCSX2 (due to the nature of GS emulation).
On Dolphin the returns may not be so good, so your higher clocked single core fares better at it.

Then of course the GPU workload may be less with Dolphin.
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