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Full Version: pcx2 and Shadow of the Colossus help pls
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it seems that when i run shadow of the colossus an error message pops out saying there is a 'error loading j\Shadow of the Colossus.iso' and after i click ok another error message pops out saying 'error opening cdvd plugin' can anyone help?
If the image is mounted(when you try to load the image with the ISO loader or Linuzappz ISO)or used by any other program,that error will appear.

Make sure that the image is not used by any other program
I've done what you said but the error still occurs is there anyway to fix it?
can you please show us the console log ?
no, this is it
[Image: consm.png]
and update your pcsx2 to latest beta, please.
0.9.6 isn't supported anymore

Uh again, try the latest beta and show us the console log AFTER you get the error.
And use plugin sse 4.1 for a little speed boost.
strange i managed to fix the error first stated but now i get this message [Image: fullscreencapture112720.jpg]
ive already installed directx 10 and its still saying this
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