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Full Version: Tales of Legendia only 15fps!
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ATI Radeon HD 5600 Series
3.50GB RAM
AMD Anthlon™ II x4 635 Processor 2.90GHZ
32 bit operating system
rubbish motherbored which can only do SSE 2

i have latest offical plugins, also have pcsx2 0.9.7 3113 verison
and on graphics settings running on direct10/11 hardcore and ps2 resolution thing

just wanted to know, is that my config, my computer or is it just the iso in general

it doesnt go down to 15 until i actually start the game and it goes onto the moving around bit, the cutscene is still 60fps
This game need you to use the (software) renderer options set the SW.Threads to 2-3 since you have a quad core, the hardware ones are too slow and have many bugs ingame.
thanks for the advice but doesnt work Sad i guess that its just one of thoses isos which was coded badly?