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Full Version: pcsx2 0.9.7 beta please
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.. i dont
he probably wants a download link for the latest version of pcsx2 which is 0.9.7
I did not already have the latest version cr emu was related to my little problem of time delays that often occur before an action as a dialogue or before the beginning of a fight card change or j 'I try everything to get to speek hack where I put 33% ee ... it seems as Breath of Fire 5 has it disappeared to see the other games (;

Rogue Galaxy finally it disappeared during the scene but that this product even sometimes on the map
could you give me the best option for speed hack I want to speed up the game but make it as stable as possible
Only "recommended" speed hacks are safe to use.
The other speed hacks may break the game or cause timing problems.

Your pc should be fast enough for both games though.
Please post a screenshot of your GSdx configuration.
i disable patch
i disable flush to zero
I disabled speed hack actually strangely I have instability as little jerks from time to time but I think I found I disabled flush to zero and I put on full clamping mode and Ultra I see over time what happens
rogue galaxy apart as I let any one but I think it's just the game

I use the sse 4.1 in 1680x1050 dx11
I have more problems since I set configure like this

[Image: 83803787.png]

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Breat of Fire V and super stable Happy
apparently full .. gives better result anyway FF12
strangely I get better results by activating Audio can skip
latency 300 ms

the sound is not shifted
and this cut out during the break Laugh