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Full Version: What can we expect in 0.9.8. ?
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Will there be suplied with language files in download or we willč have to download manualy?

Plz don't ban me for this Biggrin
097 is still in beta...
I mean when next realese comes,what will instaler have.
i hope the next release will have some kind of feature like dolphins "widesreen hack" that will fix 3D texture stretching in games that dont support widescreen. My biggest issue with pcsx2 now is that i have to play most games with stretched textures, its been said that theres really no way to make 4:3 textures be emulated in 16:9 or 16:10 but dolphin had that option for a while now
(01-05-2011, 02:42 PM)synce Wrote: [ -> ]097 is still in beta...

0.97 is old news ( dead )
0.95 was beta
0.96 was normal
0.97 was beta
0.98 will be normal
I know we won't be able to use save stats from this version,but will there be changing memory cards or we can use this?
We'll definitely support old memory cards. Maybe with a nice editor, too.
Most languages should be included.

Other than that, just look at the half done stuff PCSX2 currently has and expect it to be done then Tongue2
actually I think they close to a release now since Avih and Jake is working on menu's and options of the Gui now with some Noob friendly options and new GSDX options and settings as well

just dont expect a Speedup what you may get meybe close nothing at all speedwise [maybe even Speeddown since Jake said Speed had to be sacrificed for better compatibility] what you may see is few game specific bugfixes and better game compatibility
I can't remember who on forum said it but I think it was Pcsx2 team member, but sometimes speed is sacrificed for compatibility but the speed will most definitely increase generally as code is optimized etc.

I personally do not understand it but it sounds like that makes sense.
You get a more accurate PS2 emulation = slower.
You get speed improvements due to optimizations = faster.

It'll even out at the end, depending on the game you run Tongue2