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Full Version: 'zerogs' nobunaga - working but messy graphics
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Im try to play nobunagas ambition iron triangle, its been listed playable twice on the list, but im getting buggy graphics. it works but alot of the words (maps too) are orange squares, and ther a bunch of white lines hear and there every now and then. ive tried other plugins, but those dont work at all. what settings should i use, ive tried many but i cant find the right ones. atm im usin 1280x960 res, with aax8, i get a solid 60fps at all times on all games.

i have a overclocked gigabyte ati hd 4850 with a copper zalman fan , a 3.2ghz phenom ii quad core, and 2 gigs of overcloack ddr3 ram, so my system isnt the case.
use newest 0.9.7 beta with gsdx video plugin with highest sse available for your cpu, use linuz iso it works better than playing from disc, you should run most games full speed with your specs