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Full Version: Testing my computer to play dragonballz budoki tenkaichi 3 with emulator 0.9.6 with my current pc specs.
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hello friends. This is my first thread. I am very eager to plaY dragonballz game (any part) in my p.c . But my computer specs. are very low. These are :-
Intel core 2 duo , 2.4 ghz. 2 gb ram, nvidia geforce 7100 with 128 mb. I only want to play dragonballz game (especially budokai tenkaichi 3) . Please tell , could i be able to play or not and at what resolution,speed and f.p.s. Thankyou very much!..
@native res and probably some 15 to 20 fps.
your cpu is a bit weak, but your gpu will definitely hold you back
So will that speed be playable? I mean would i be able to play normally!
So will that speed be playable? I mean would i be able to play normally!
the normal speed is 50/60 fps depending on your game region (pal/NTSC)
so it'll be quite slow.
maybe you should give it a shot to see what I mean... But I'm affraid you will have to stick to your PS2
If i make all the settings to low with lower resolution ,will the fps will increase?
That's the same as enabling "native" in GSdx as jesalvein suggested, and probably won't make enough of a difference still. Try using frameskip maybe (shift+f4 in the latest beta).
Most core2duos, when overclocked to about 3.4 GHz to 4+ GHz, preform well with PCSX2.

What specific core2duo do you have?
well i have intel core 2 dua e4600 @2.4 ghz . does overcloacking will help in any way???
as CPU clockrate is very important for pcsx2, yes. It'll help...
thanks alot!! .. Hey i'm planning to upgrade my nvidia geforce 7100 128 mb to nvidia geforce 250 1 gb . keeping in mind my little bit weak processors , do i will be able to play most ps2 games at decent fps...
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