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Full Version: Tales of Abyss Issues
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I've recently started playing Tales of abyss and although the games runs mostly wonderfully there are one or two detail I would like to inquire about.

The first is ghosting. As I've seen it is a major issue with this game and the only sure way to fix it is by using Native res. However something weird happens to me. Using scaling (x6) there is no ghosting until one of the little converastion that need to be started by pressing start apperas. I get through the conversation and after that there is ghosting. Another conversation starts, it ends (or a game event) and the ghosting dissappears again. I'm asking what could it be and if there are any recommendations about it.

Also the games sounds... funny. Like the sound accelerates and deaccelerates. Could it ibe spu2-x issues?

Well that is all.

I would very much appreacciate any input.

PCSX2 r3878 no speedhacks and x6 scaling DX11 hardware mode.
go to gsdx ini file, set allow hacks to "1", then in the gsdx control panel set alfa hacks to 1.
Now you can use every internal res multiplier :-)

While I understood your instructions, I did not understand the reason. Why would I need to use every internal res multiplier?

To improve graphic with no ghost issue

The ghosting problem is not totally gone (it stills appears from time to time) but It was a tremendous improvement!

Thanks very much.
you're welcome, i love this game :-P