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Full Version: pcsx2 9.7 cdvd change menu gone, can i get it back?
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i switched discs a little bit ago, and i clicked the box with dont show this again without thinking, but now, its stuck on auto-restart! id like to change to swap disc at times, so can anyone tell me how to get the menu back? is there some file i can change a number in or something, so i can get the menu back?
I know its somewhere in the PCSX2.ini file, I havent been able to find the specific line though. If you cant find it you can just remove the pcsx2.ini and start the emulator, you will then be prompted to configure the emulator anew and you will again recieve the popup.

Edit: I found it, look for:


and change it to enabled.
thanks mucho, it worked, just cant get it to actually swap discs properly... oh well, back to pnatch files.