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Full Version: Critical update 0.9.6 not opening
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So i downloaded the new version, installed the CG framework, X11 otherwise working with other apps and running SL. When trying to open the app, nothing happens, there's no response of any kind what so ever. I must mention that the older version prior to the critical update worked perfectly.

I'm bumping this thread up as I have the same problem and can't find a solution anywhere.
Currently there are no solutions so start the QQ Laugh
Wrong, there is a solution, I made it.
First make sure you have downloaded the following:
The non-Snow Leopard-version of PCSX2 since I have yet to meet a person whom actually gets it to work properly
And also the NVidia GC Frameworks

Then when all is downloaded and installed, you search for an application named X11, open it.
You need to enable root user, here is a guide for that.
then type the following:
cd /Applications/pcsx2.app/contents/macos/ (press enter)
sudo tcsh (you will be asked to provide a password, provide the password for your root user)
./pcsx2 (this will after all your work, open ut the ever glorious PCSX2 MAC!!!!!!)

Dont hesitate to ask if you need any more than that, and if necessary, I can provide a screenshot guide :-)

- Kaze
Screen shot guide would be nice :]
(03-31-2011, 11:44 PM)deathslights Wrote: [ -> ]Screen shot guide would be nice :]

OK. Just wait a little im on it :-)
Sorry, but I cant upload the whole guide on here, so I uploaded it to Mediafire.
Here is the link
PCSX2 Screenshot guide for mac
hm, I can put it on pcsx2mac.net, if people need it
(04-01-2011, 02:27 PM)zedr0n Wrote: [ -> ]hm, I can put it on pcsx2mac.net, if people need it

I would see that as an honor :-)