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Full Version: king of fighters 2006 (pcsx2) slow
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i'm on fullspeed hacks, god of war works perfect but svr 2011 and this kof2006 is bit slow?

specs :
Intel I3 3.9
Ram 2 GB
Radeon 5770 HD
Win7 32 bit
pcsx2 svn Apr 2008
GDSX hardware 11
try frame skipping in gs on constant ( 10 to skip and draw )
i think that is going to give you some speed
still need speed lower gsdx res
with ATI 5770 HD i bet that you have a high gsdx res
tried frameskipping, here's a screenshot, still no luck... Sad

i think KoF is slow in hardware mode, i believe software is faster (last time i checked), also try the 8bit textures box, that may also help.
ok thanks a bit better but still kinda slomo