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Full Version: [Bug Report] Street Fighter EX 3 [Bug Report]
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2 Bugs Actually

1. When Character Hokuto is chosen in multiplayer, during the match FPS will drop from the full 60 FPS to around 3.46 FPS


2. Missing geometry and physics on nearly all characters.


CPU Settings

Emotion Engine/IOP:
- Recompiler
- Chop/Zero round mode
- No Clamp
- Flush and denormals zero

VU0 & VU1:
- MicroUV Recompiler
- Chop/Zero round mode
- No Clamp
- Flush and denormals zero

GSDX 6393 DX10 Hardware
This is a known bug, probably only effects the microvu too..
microVU only affects the FPS problem, the geometry bugs are there even with the interpreter and microVU/superVU recs and they all have different geometry problems.
so fps is only that microuv and if i switch to supervu it should be fine?

As for the geom and physics is the emotion engine and is up to the emu coders before it can be fixed?

EDIT: Tested the first one and it works, so the only real problem is the missing geom and character physics
the geom issues are probably due to a floating point calculation error, it might get fixed at some point, hopefully ;p
Thank you for your report.
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