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Full Version: Controller stops working at a specific level
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Hello once again.

I have a problem with Katamari Damacy, this time the analog controller sticks stop working in game at level 4, "Make a star 4". The other buttons work.

I can however use the controls in the menu when I pause the game.
Quite annoying as I cant go past level 4 and only play the previous levels.

Any Idea what might cause the trouble?
I am using lilyPad 0.10.
try setting an "analog" button and press it when the game stops working (just a thought, it might work, or it might not. It did work for a few of mine though)
Thanks, that did the job.

But what is this analog button, what does it do?
It's the same as the "Analog" button in the PS2 controller, just enables/disables the analog sticks.
I didnt notice it until now, I have never had to press it before, my ps2 analog sticks has always been enabled. Strange button..
usually they are, but sometimes it goes nuts and disables, you have to hit that to reset it to analog. It's happened to me on alot of games, so I have it set to M on my keyboard, out of the way but not unreachable (I use a pad)