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Full Version: Iso Help
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I configures my PSX2 to use the ISO plugin, and when I tested it, it said it was a success, but then when I try to run it, the program crashes. Help?[/font]
pc specs, game you're tryin, emulog.txt, plugins settings, screenshots ?
If the ISO is mounted in the plugin, the option under CDVD menu MUST be "Plugin" and not "Iso".

Alternatively you can use the internal CD/DVD reader; to it you need to Select the actual ISO only under the "Browse" option under the "Iso Selector" in that same CDVD menu, make sure "Iso" is selected and not "Plugin" ... and most important: don't have the ISO mounted anywhere else. I mean you must not have it mounted in a plugin, nor in a virtual device and not the physical disc inserted in the drive.