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Full Version: FFXII/FFXII IZJS Editor - rich SaveGame/Memory Editor for FF XII (+IZJS)
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I'm not sure, but I think it won't stack.
I tried it with PAL/european version. And it changes level to 99. But health remains the same no matter what value of HP I set.
After modifying Pure Max HP and Pure Max MP fields you have to touch a Save Crystal. As I mentioned in the readme file, some edited data require additional actions in order changes take effect.

Also note that setting your characters level to 99 will not change the character's stats (HP, MP, Strength, etc.), so I would recommend you to modify your character's EXP to 15 000 000 instead, and when the next time you'll kill a monster your character's level will grow up to 99 and all the stats too along with it.
Hi _DTG_ !

I just wanna say I downloaded the editor and it freakin rocks, thaaanks!

And as a favor to you, I am using Windows7 Home Edition 64-bit, and it works fine with the editing that I have tried so far, like activate espers, stats weapons mists etc of main characters etc.

Weapons and items that I have added, level, Gil, LP, to the actual game inventory is SAVED in the memory card. NICE. Smile

I have tried to edit Guest characters, but I thought, with all the ease that you can give the main characters, why even bother? Tongue

An unexpected error has occurred:
"Value of '18' is not valid for 'Value'. 'Value' should be between
'Minimum' and 'Maximum'.
Parameter name: Value".

The application will now exit.

I get this fairly constantly accessing the Stats and Equipment panels. The value 18 doesn't change in the error, and there has never been an actual value of 18 in any of the fields. Once it starts, it persists; I haven't found a way to correct it.
None of the other panels are affected, and I don't do any editing there anyway, so it's not a major problem. But I thought I'd mention it in case others have/develop this problem.
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... I tested both of editors with all regions of the game again, and had no problems. Maybe your savegame has already been edited using another editor or maybe you use AR, CB, PNATCH hacks? If so, then run your game without hacks (AR, CB, PNATCH), make a new save and then try to edit it using FFXII Editor again.
No previously edited saves, no hacks other than the program itself--wasn't using any pnach cheats. Originally, it started while using the memory hack function, but it does the same in save edit mode. To be clear, it hasn't affected every character, just a couple at this point.

Otherwise, it's an excellent program.
OK, can you post your save file and describe steps to reproduce the bug? Is your game FFXII or FFXII IZJS? If FFXII, which region?
I'll start a new game and see about reproducing the bug consistently. I'll post a save once I've got it. The game is FFXII US.

Actually, this is a better save since several characters are affected.
I believe it has something to do with changing gear before the character joins. After some progress is made, the error begins.
I didn't change any of the numeric values, but I did change armor/weapon/acc (the only consistency here is that the acc was a ribbon).

Clicking on the Stats and Equipment panel of these characters produces the error (at least it does for me).

Basch (Dark Suit)

I haven't seen it happen with any of the Espers.
It's strange... Fran's mist bar in the save you posted is incorrect, a valid mist bar value should be between 0 and 3, but in your save file it is 18. Currently I don't have enough free time to look deeper into the problem, so I made a temporary patch.

And, can you check for me whether Fran's Mist Bar control works properly or no? Just change it to 0, 1, 2, 3 and see if Fran's mist bars changed in the game.
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