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Full Version: Has anyone got downhill domination running
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on the pcsx2 wiki, it says the game runs almost perfect with few minor graphical errors. well my game is completely battered. geometry errors and stretching everywhere, no textures, etc. unplayable. 60fps though lol...

i tried alot of different options but same thing. this is one of my favorite ps2 games i own. hopefully someone can help me get it working right.
post your pc specs, plugins settings, pcsx2 settings, screenshots, etc...
Try dx10hardware and software.
i only have option for dx9 and dx11
try dx11 hardware first and switch to microVU
(03-08-2011, 01:34 PM)GamerGeek Wrote: [ -> ]Try dx10hardware and software.

(03-08-2011, 03:01 PM)icecreamshampoo Wrote: [ -> ]i only have option for dx9 and dx11

if the gpu ( in this case gtx 460 ) support dx 11 dx 10 disappears ( because they are exactly the same in pcsx2 )
none of that worked Sad
and what about software mode ? (F9 Key)
doesnt change anything. maybe the iso i have is messed up?
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