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Full Version: HOW pcsx2 works
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The easiest way is just to search for a review on the specific cpu you want to get.
strange an old core duo 2.13 GHz can head up an Athlon 2 at 3GHz... the only explanation I can think is too much speed hack faking the measure and feeling.
no, i have the speed hacks on the lowest settings without turning then off, so the measure and feeling are not fake, and i am astonished as well, as my laptop is a LAPTOP and desktop is a desktop and it is an athon x4 quad core, but since pcsx2 only uses 2 cores you would be correct,
You have speed hack on the laptop and no speedhack on the desktop?
speed hack on both, same setting on both, same fps on both
If you mean the FPS is too low and seems stable it may imply the Vsynch is capping it. To grant this not happening in PCSX2, or PC native games for what it matters, "force off" the vertical synchronization in the video cards control panel.
wait... what? explain in detail... you mean that the low fps, on BOTH computers in the parts is because of an option in the graphics control panel? woho! 100% full speed in ffx here i come!
Vsynch is a useless feature IMHO. I never had the need for it or bother with it.
Vsync is very useful in many cases, lots of monitors get tearing problems while others don't but even if you don't get tearing or if you're not bothered by it doesn't mean the problem isn't there and Vsync is just the answer for that problem even if it doesn't work right all the time either. And ofcourse there's those that even without tearing just prefer Vsync because of the smoothness it gives.
Phantasmor, is not granted VSynch is the problem there, but the way it works turn it to be suspect.

It tries to syncrhronize the FPS with the monitor's vertical refresh. If the FPS is not enough it waits the buffer to fill before sending the output to the monitor so they both initiates at same time. This mean a delay that can be as much as (and normally is) half that refresh rate, assuming the original FPS is not bellow this half...

As Shadow Lady pointed, it is useful to avoid the tearing, so if the FPS is above the refresh rate it might cap it at that refresh rate too, but other than some First Person Shooter games the output is pretty good and smooth. Still is not always that tearing occurs and sometimes is preferable to turn it off than having that low FPS, in console emulation becomes a Must.

Addendum: Of course turning VSynch off can't increase the FPS, only avoid it being capped.
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