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Full Version: Persona 3 fes-persona 4 -pcsx2 (R3878) ?
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i played Peso 3 fes on pcsx2 (R3878)
the game work great
but when i play to this sta
[Image: 45645623.jpg?t=1299386157]
after this sta
the game loading and auto exit

i don't know why.

i conf pc like this
[Image: logyhjdgdsgf.jpg?t=1299385984]
[Image: jfdds.jpg?t=1299385977]
[Image: eg.jpg?t=1299385975]
[Image: vxcgsg.jpg?t=1299386026]
[Image: 7657.jpg?t=1299386136]

it happen with persona 4 too
after i type my name and the video starting

i tri another ver of pcsx2
but it still Auto exit

i'm bad eng

did you set the VUs to superVu ?
how to set it
i'm noob about this emu
check the "VU" tab, and switch from microVU to supervu
it still not work.

any body known ?
try disabling all speedhacks, try in sofwtare mode.
oh, and please post your emulog.txt after the crash
I second the idea of changing your GSdx to software

And in my experience most games that run on hardware run better when you check the Native check box
it work.
thank alot you guy !

i had looking this for 1 week