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Full Version: Flashing cutscenes?
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Ok, so I just (legally bought) Final Fantasy X-2 International+Last mission and got this emulator to run it. I went through the setup guide and got the game working and what not but when I start a new game I get a seizure-inducing, flashing cutscene. What are some fixes I can do to get it running correctly?

And I don't know what the regular gameplay is like as I have yet to endure the entire seizure cutscene to a non-cutscene part.

Arigatou gozaimasu!
What version of PCSX2 are you using? im sure that hasnt flashed in a long time...

if it is the 0.9.7 beta, try software mode in gsdx, hardware has an issue with streamed images (directx issue)
Ah, thanks! I am using the beta -- would switching to an older, non-beta be advisable?

The seizuring is gone but I'm still getting some shaking. Any other settings I can toy with?
Try interlacing (F5 while playing).
Thanks! Cleared that up!

Except now I notice it's going slow for some reason. Like, the cutscene is playing in slow-motion.

Sorry to bring up so many issues~
Yes, the FFX-2 FMVs are notable for being very slow, there's even a CPU benchmark based on them:
This really is an odd bug, all the FMV`s play perfectly in the ingame movie theatre but if play them as you come across them in the story some of them just wont play properly. Its only with GSDX aswell, the other plugins play them fine. If you press F9 twice when a FMV starts the flashing will stop. Hopefully Gabest will find a way to fix this soon.

(03-13-2011, 01:33 AM)Marlec Wrote: [ -> ]Its only with GSDX aswell, the other plugins play them fine.

They all fail when you try to use high resolution, in ZeroGS using 2xAA would show errors for example in GSdx it's the same when using anything other than "Native" resolution, switching to software mode in GSdx is just a fast way to switch to native then back to whatever else resolution you have for the 3d while playing.
Hmm, are there any speedhacks or tools I can use to speed up the cutscenes?
You can try speedhacks but they'll most likely just give false FPS.

Getting a stronger CPU might be the only choice for now, you can always just watch the FMVs somewhere else like in youtube, it's a total of like 11 FMVs in the game.
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