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Full Version: Searched but I cant play Xenosaga : Game slow down + sound desync
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If someone find a way to play Xenosaga, please post here :/

Game slows very down, sound slow down too, and desync when kosmos appears... Game works fine but I have this problem sometimes... the game become unplayable.

Thank you for sharing you knowledge.
pc specs, plugins settings ?
c2duoE8200 3,6ghz, 4go, gtx460
Tryed all the gdx versions in dx10/11 mode
I disabled speedhacks but nothing happened

Like I said, the game is working very fine, but during some scenes... totally slowdown and desync.... with weird slow sound.
I tested many versions and many settings but nothing worked.
xenosaga is one of those REALLY demanding games.
Oc your Cpu to 4Ghz if possible. it'll help.
Cant oc more :/
I'm disapointed Sad so many years I waited to play xenosaga... I can't because episode3 wasnt released in europe...
So, maybe I'll wait my next computer Sad

edit : tryed everything... searched everywhere... if someone has played to xenosaga without problems please let me know it.
Looking forward to playing? Wasn't released in Europe? Sounds like you don't even have the game...

My suggestion? Purchase the game and use a swap disc on your real PS2... Piracy discussion in any way isn't allowed here.