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Full Version: dragon quest v. NTSC english
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does anyone know how to get this game to work??? plays fine till you get off boat and father gives you map, then it just freezes!!!! tried loads of different settings just keeps hanging there...please o please someone help really want to play this game. just spent 4 hours messing with settings but still hangs in same place..right at start when you get off boat...
please post the emulog.txt after the crash.
ive read all the threads concerning this issue and turned off all speedhack. turned on all speedhacks. tried each speedhack on its own. tried all graphics settings dx9 dx10 dx11 hardware and software rendered. and still no luck...please could someone help..all the posts ive read concerning this issue ive tried all there advise and its still hanging at guy giving map...and yes my music isnt playing in game so i know its that but all the things ive read arnt working. ive treid all setting with all graphics plugins...its got to be something simple but i cant find it....
i3 overclocked to 3.7gz
radeon 5770 OC version
windows 7 premium 64bit
4gb ram.. plays all other games no problems just this one killing me love dragon quest!!!!!!
(03-22-2011, 11:37 PM)jesalvein Wrote: [ -> ]please post the emulog.txt after the crash.

dosnt give any emulog txt just hangs...read loads of post on here concerning same issue but ive tried all there suggestions and nothing works;(
member PCSX2FAN..give advise on the issue but none of the things suggested works for me;(
does the console log display anything when the crash occur ?
can you post a screenshot ?
no nothing..if you type in dragon quest v, into search bar then page 3 near the bottom theres a post concerning same issue. theres lots of advice for the problem seems to be a commom glitch.;(
i got it working..was sound plugin it didnt like...strange that it causes that bug tho but it definately fixed it music plays proply now and it didnt freeze at guy with mapWink..thanks for help tho..great site and friendly people..love you all.Wink