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Full Version: Dead Or Alive 2 Hardcore - InGame?
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Good day everyone. I Decided try to run the game Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore NTSC-J region, SLPS_250.26; 1, but unfortunately nothing happened, tried interpreter mode with enabled EE Cache, the emulator shows just a black screen, FPS is kept at 3-4. If you use recompiler, the emulator closes with an error (not surprisingly) Use revision 4310. All the same, is there any way to run the game, or this one I did not get?
try with latest public beta instead. SVn versions aren't supported.
We don't support SVN revisions, the rules state this. However if you are trying it, you will have to give the interpreter a while to work as it is so slow. If it doesnt boot within 10-20 mins, your version probably wont work. So far we only know one version which boots, i believe there is another issue at hand too. Im afraid i cannot help anymore than that.

Jesalvein: DoA2 wont work on any previous, it requires EE Cache, which i only put in recently.